Bogor - Shenzen


To increase the efficiency, transparency and accountability of public service to develop Bogor as a smart society-based service city in international scale, Bogor is planning to develop Bogor Cyber City which the main rograms are:

Developing a society-based economy by focusing on the services which are optimizing the exist resources.
1. Creating Bogor as a Cyber City by realizing Cyber Park Implementation
2. Strengthening Information and Communication Infrastructure
3. Creating and Developing business related with public service

Creating a clean, beautiful, orderly and safe city with sufficient city infrastructure
1. Building public communication facility
2. Improving data service for public with guarantee of safety
3. Building culture forward to smart society

Increasing the quality of faithful and skillful human recourse
1. Creating Bogor as a learning society
2. Developing learning method and media which can be accessed easily by public
3. Increasing the role of education and research institutions in Human Recourse Development

Realizing the efficient and effective municipal administration and law supremacy.
1. Developing  the platform of accountable and transparence public service
2. Increasing the quality of public service effectively and efficiently

For those reasons Bogor has made cooperation with Shenzhen, which was begun with the signing of Letter of Intent in Bogor on August, 17th 2005.
Besides Cooperation with Shenzhen, there are also some countries which supports the cooperation in form of sister city, such as: China, Japan, Korean and Malaysia.




August 17, 2005


Having agreed and declared the intention of promoting Cooperation and Exchange:

1. Enhancing the exchange between the two municipal governments by official bilateral delegation visits;

2. Promoting further cooperation in the fields of business, trade, science, and technology, Cyber Park development, city planning and management by providing necessary assistance;

3. Carrying out the further exchange in the fields of science and technology, culture, education, sports and medical service, tourism, and others to promote their prosperity and contribute towards developing partnership between the people of the two cities.