Bogor - St. Louis


There have been some work relation between Bogor city and  United State of America, for instant: Microsoft Co. recently has directly and indirectly help to increase education quality in Bogor city. The program is implemented in the form of Training for Increasing Teacher Professionalism on IT.  In this case, Bogor people using computer technology are relatively more compared with those of other cities in Indonesia because Bogor society is relatively having better education background.

In the sector of culture, Bogor education society has supported cooperation in the form of students and teachers exchange, developing the capacity of teacher professionalism trough the program of International Education Resources Development Cooperation.

Those programs give positive impact for the increase of human resource so that we hope the cooperation in human resource sector can be enhanced and developed into the development of science, information technology, health, agriculture and environment.

Formally, the cooperation is followed u by the signing of LOI in Bogor and the signing of MOU in St. Louis, USA.